How much does Auto Gate Installation Cost In Malaysia

How much does Auto Gate Installation Cost In Malaysia

An auto gate system allows homeowners to open and close their home gate automatically. Commonly using a remote control, though some companies offer switches installation inside the house, or even using an application on one’s phone.

You can choose between three of the main auto gate system types, sliding gate, swing gate, and folding gate. A sliding auto gate system is suitable for a small space with some space at the other end of the gate. A swing gate on the other hand is suitable for areas with extra spaces. A folding auto gate system is the most popular type amongst Malaysian homeowners as it fits most landed houses in Malaysia. It takes a lot less area when opened compared to a swing gate.

There are a number of different motor types used in auto gate systems. Each with their unique functions. The various motor types include trackless, arm system, control panel, key release, and heavy duty roller.

From the type of auto gate system to its motors, all these can affect the auto gate installation price. A swing and folding auto gate system would cost less compared to a sliding auto gate system. A good auto gate system company would suggest suitable motors for you based on your home type, size, space, needs, budget, and usage.

On average, an auto gate installation price would be around RM1,500 and need to be paid upon job completion. A typical aluminium sliding auto gate will cost at least RM4,000 and the price might hike depending on the type of materials used and the size you have picked for your home. Premium sliding gates might even reach RM10,000.

An aluminium swinging auto gate on the other hand is more affordable compared to sliding auto gates. The starting price for a quality swinging auto gate is around RM3,000. Similar to the sliding auto gate, a more durable and secure swinging gate may cost up to RM10,000.

A trackless aluminium folding auto gate starts from RM2,500. This auto gate installation price might change if you choose the type that needs wheels or track. Premium aluminium folding auto gate may cost up to RM14,000 the sturdier it is.

You might need to spend some extra cash to hire an electrician to lay down new cables for the auto gates to function if you do not have any nearby power outlet readily.