7 Essential Tips On Choosing A Security Door

7 Essential Tips on Choosing A Security Door

A security door serves as your first line defence in the event of a break-in attempt. Having a great security door is a need for you to be confident staying in your own home, while securing your assets in said home. Looking for a right security door might be challenging if you have limited knowledge regarding the product. Here are seven essential tips on choosing a security door for you to take into consideration.

Some irresponsible security door suppliers may take advantage of vulnerable customers and give you low-quality security doors. Certified security doors means that it met the standards of strength and quality requirements. It is important to check your security doors’ certification for your best interest.

Both powder-coated and painted security doors look similar to each other. Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Paint usually does not do well under hot sun and it is not heat resistant. Painted security doors may wear out quicker compared to powder-coated doors. Powder coating typically has a significant longevity, and they are corrosion-resistant. A better option between these two would be a powder-coated security door.

It is possible to install a pet door in a security door for all pet owners out there. Pet doors in security doors come in three sizes to fit your pet size; small, medium, and large. Note that the level of security will decrease the bigger the pet door is. A security door will no longer be considered as security once a pet door is installed and will be referred to as a safety door instead.

A single lock does not comply with the requirement of a security door and is referred to as a barrier door or safety door. Make sure the security door installer gives a quotation and install only triple lock security doors.

While having a certified security door is the main focus, using a licensed security door installer is also important. Many companies market barrier doors or safety doors as security doors. Hence, ensure you are buying from an accredited security door from a licensed security installer.

There are two materials generally used for doors, steel and aluminium. Steel doors are significantly stronger compared to aluminium doors, but it can be more expensive.

A strong security door may lose its effectiveness without the right handles and locks. Enquire your installer about the components used for the security doors and their suitability with each other.