8 Things you need to know about aluminium folding gate installation

8 things you need to know about aluminium folding gate installation

As an owner of a house, especially a landed one, you might have been considering installing an auto gate to your house. It can be for many reasons, security, privacy, time-efficiency, and many more. If you are looking for information about aluminium folding gates, look no further! BeauGates Concept is here to tell you everything about aluminium folding gates.

Why is an aluminium folding gate a better choice compared to regular gates? With an auto system, an aluminium folding gate gives its owners the ability to open and close their gates without the need to physically open it. All you have to do is press the gate remotes. This saves time, energy, and can ensure the safety of house owners as it does not require you to leave your car unattended.

Folding gates are also known as bi-fold gates as most folding gates designs have two smaller aluminium leaves on each side of the gate. These leaves would fold and open at the centre, allowing it to open quicker. Depending on the requirements, some folding gates incorporate wheels in its folding gate installation.

Along with the auto gate system, most aluminium folding gates come with many designs on the leaves. Your creativity can be explored as you will be given the options to choose your preferred designs. Security and aesthetic, all in one place!

In terms of quality, a good aluminium folding gate would use durable aluminium alloy materials. Paired with attractive powder coat finishes and enhancement, it can last a very long time. Aesthetic appeal may be an added point and can be achieved by expert engineers with their art welding equipment.

Aluminium auto gate installation may or may not require a track for it to function. Each with its own advantages! Ask your chosen company to suggest whether your home needs a track for your aluminium folding auto gate.

An aluminium auto gate system’s weight is determined by the materials used in the construction of the gate. You do not have to worry as the strongest auto gate system built with a motor and great support system can handle a gate weighing up to 5 tons!

Auto gates are no longer a luxury! You can find affordable aluminium auto gates from local companies, without worrying about its quality. A great auto gates company would provide regular maintenance, optimise the equipment efficiently, all to satisfy customers’ requests.