How Does Auto Gate Works and Why You Need it

How Does Auto Gate Works and Why Do You Need It
It has been a trend for homeowners to switch from regular gates to auto gates. However, some might have been on the fence about it and still looking for reasons for them to follow suit and install auto gates for their houses.

One of the main questions thrown by homeowners is, what is an auto gate? An automatic gate, or auto gate system for short is a type of gate that allows you to open and close without a hassle. You can manipulate it automatically using a remote from a short distance. Some might have the option to use There is no need for you to physically get out of your car to open or close it.

There are three main auto gate styles for homeowners to choose from; Swing Gate, Sliding Gate, and Folding Gate. Swing gate works by swinging inward or outward. It is suitable for houses with areas with extra spaces. Sliding gate on the other hand slides from one end to the other end, making it suitable for pathways with more space at the sides. With its rising popularity, the folding gate has become the highly-demanded auto gate style. How does a folding auto gate work? It is made up of multiple doors or leaves, connected by hinges. This feature allows it to use less space in the pathway and the sides.

Contrary to popular beliefs, auto gate systems are more affordable now then they have ever been. The cost for its installation may vary depending on whether there is an existing gate, types of motors needed for the auto gate type, or if there is a nearby power outlet.

As mentioned, auto gates are operated using remotes. Depending on the package provided by a company, homeowners will be given two to three remotes. Worry not, you can always ask them for more duplicates with minimal additional charges.

Some new houses come with dedicated wiring for the auto gate system installed by the developer. For these houses, there will be a switch inside the house which can be used to navigate the auto gate system. Remember to inform your auto gate installer about this wiring so they can have a test run with the switch. Do not worry if your house lacks this wiring autogate, you can ask the electrician to install switches in the house when they do the new wiring for the auto gate.