Why are aluminum doors better than wooden doors

Why Are Alumnium Doors Better Than Wooden Doors
The battle between doors is the most struggling answer to find. What to choose, an aluminum door or a wooden door? All of you must have an entitled idea of what both of them feature. Similarly, we are here to highlight their standard relative strengths and weaknesses to make it easier for you to figure out the best for certain situations and not others.Before we decide on one, we must weigh the pros and cons of each material to ensure that we make the best choice. Instead of relying on the ‘salesperson,’ it is best to satisfy yourself on what to choose by reading and understanding different types of materials.

Aluminum Doors Vs Wooden Doors – Which is better?

Let’s assess some key features to see whether wooden or aluminum doors make a good match for your home:

Environmental considerations

Aluminum doors are environmentally friendly as you infinitely recyclable into a new shape by only using 5% of the total energy produced from raw materials, which calculates about 70% of aluminum ever produced is still in use, in date.
However, wooden doors are completely non-recycled and in-process to prepare a single door one tree is destroyed. Although they decompose easily, yet aren’t considered environmentally friendly as we have to compromise precious trees to protect our homes.


Aluminum security doors are a major choice for many as they don’t require much maintenance, featuring reliable and vigorous built. In contrast, wooden doors require higher maintenance, often needing a repair or reseal. On improper maintenance, the wooden security doors start to turn old and worn out. Plus, their lifespan is based on the quality of the used timber.
Do you want to buy for security doors requiring zero maintenance? Then consider aluminum security doors as your best choice!


Aluminum security doors feature powder-coated surfaces making them a perfect atheistic fit for modern homes. The surface coat does not discolor, rust, or peel easily. Moreover, if you want a wooden look on your aluminum door, you can use a wooden effect without installing an actual timber.

Durability and strength

On analyzing the durability and strength scales for both, we conclude that both aluminum and wooden doors last longer if installed and maintained properly. Unlike wood, aluminum doors can be customized in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and designs to offer a background matching look. Moreover, aluminum durability makes it ideal for large doors and windows combinations.


An aluminum door is an economical solution in between the two. Even its overall installation process costs lesser than timber, making an extra saving at both steps.

Bottom Line

BeauGates believes aluminum gates as its winner. Want to find out why? Because we take pride in manufacturing and delivering some exceptional aluminum security doors that feature superior function, security, and quality. How about a re-cap on why aluminum security doors are a better choice for your property? Let’s go through a quick check:
• Cheaper install
• More economical to purchase
• Maintenance-free
• Customizable
• Offer a sleek, minimal, and modern design
Aluminum doors vs wooden doors? Are you convinced enough yet? Get in touch with the BeauGates experts to get more information about aluminum doors so that you end up making the right decision.